Our 2017 NYCity ROAD TRIP

As part of NEAT's yearly ritual, we will again be taking all our NEAT LEADERS & NEAT JUNIORS to NEW YORK CITY, on a REGENCY COACH BUS to see a BROADWAY SHOW (Our NEAT Juniors may also come, but they absolutely must be accompanied by at least one Parent/Legal Guardian). To date, we have seen "WICKED", "ALADDIN", and this past year, we saw "CHARLIE & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY"!!!!! It couldn't possibly be a more AWESOME experience for all! This fall/winter, we will once again survey our students and choose what show will show we will be attending. For those who are jumping up and down now for the prospects of seeing HAMILTON....you can forget it. Unless one of us hits the Lottery sometime soon, we have little chance of making it; the prices are way to high and, if we want to go as a group we have to wait to the year 2034. So, sorry to say, that if you want to see Hamilton, you're going to have to go on your own. LOL. But this we do know.....We are going to see a BROADWAY SHOW sometime in early Spring and we are going to have a really NEAT time!!!!!!!


Register On-Line

It is NEVER to late to join our NEAT Family, simply click the picture above.  We have a "Rolling" registration policy, which means your child can join at anytime of the semester and their First Class is ABSOLUTELY FREE as well. If your child enjoys what we do here, we'd love to welcome them aboard. If not, we'll never talk to you again! Okay, so we like to throw in a little NEAT humor once in a while. But seriously, if it's not for them, maybe we'll see them down the road or perhaps they would be interested in our Musical Dance Theatre class, or our NEAT Yoga Kids class, or even perhaps our 4 Week 2017 Summer Camp! We'll also be adding additional classes in the Fall of 2017, so come back and check us out in August!

Philip Herman

Mr. Philip Herman has been creating Caricatures in our family for years. He brought his incredible talents to NEAT studio two years ago when he created caricatures of our entire Cast of GREASE. Beginning this Summer, Mr. Herman will be working along side us at NEAT STUDIO once again and on a more consistent basis. He will be at our studio on Wednesday, August 2, to create personalized T-Shirts for all our 2017 NEAT SUMMER CAMPERS! He will be returning again later in August & September to do the same for the Cast members of both our Willa Wonka & Once Upon a Time Productions that we performed this past Spring!!!! We could not possibly be more excited to have him working with our NEAT Family. And what's even more amazing about Mr. Herman, is that he is as incredible a person as he is an artist. We are blessed to have him with us! Another really NEAT thing happening at NEAT! (Please click on his picture above to be taken directly to his website).

Marissa Fiorenza