Do you have our new NEAT Postcard?

Hello there! Did someone from our NEAT Family, relative, close friend, good buddy, or someone who cares about your child so much they'd love them to join our NEAT Family, give you a NEAT Postcard like the one below? Well, we are so glad they did!!!!! We now have over 85 kids coming in and out of our NEAT doors every week and we'd love your child to see for themselves just how much FUN they can have here!!! So, if you'd like your daughter/son to try a FREE class, or two, or three (Again, at absolutely NO COST to you), simply click the card below and choose your child's first free class. Once you sign them up, we will contact you within 24 hours and you'll be ready to meet our NEAT Family!!!! *All FREE classes will begin after November 1, 2019!!!

Registration for NEAT's 2019/20 is now officially OPEN! TY for 5 Amazing YEARS!

Our class schedule, calendar, and complete line-up of all available classes for our upcoming 2019/20 NEAT year are all NOW available on this website!   To register, simply click the button to the right and your daughter/son will be ready for our NEATest Year Ever!!!