We’d like to share with you, our amazing NEAT parents, a question that we’ve been asked a million times before…Why NEAT?


“Why would a husband and wife team decide to open up an acting studio for children, when they already have a combined three jobs and they are in the midst of raising six children of their own?”

Here are the Top 3 Thoughts (In no particular order):

1.“Because they have way too much free time on their hands?” Ahhhhhhh, No! Definitely not that!

2.“Are they trying to get anyway from their six kids at home?” Maybe a tiny bit, but No, we love and treasure the time we spend with all of them. As you know, it all goes way too fast.

3.“Are they simply just crazy??!” Probably, but sometimes Crazy is a good thing! Anyway, Steve Jobs thought so…


Truthfully it’s because we are so passionate about what we have been building here at our studio and we will never waver.

Here at NEAT, we use the theater to bring out the greatness in and every one of our students. At NEAT, children realize their talent and develop skills to deal with the ever-changing world around them. In a time, when our children have the entire world at their fingertips (literally), where daily news and great wide-spread ideas move faster than you can say “NEAT-O” (We think that should be a word, don’t you?), NEAT teaches our students to use the stage for a lot more than acting. It is our ultimate goal to teach our kids to be more of everything important in today’s fast moving world. To be more creative, more resilient, more motivated, more collaborative, more conscious of the world around them, more resourceful, and to become more critical thinkers. We push hard to accomplish that each and every day at our studio.


As you have probably realized, the acting, singing, dancing, improv., script writing, community events, etc., transfer very well into the world outside our studio.

So again, Why NEAT?


It’s honestly because we know that what we do provides our students with the necessary and vital tools in order to become our future innovators, entrepreneurs, teachers, parents, drama kings and queens, and anything else that our kids truly aspire and dream to be! That’s why we chose our motto very carefully. We wanted it to mean exactly what it says…





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